Often one of our biggest challenges to making changes and creating new things in our lives is to just getting started. Fear and self doubt can get out of control in the beginning. They are incredibly talented at convincing you that you won’t be able to do it. Often their voices are enough to stop you before you even get started. So when you are first beginning, wanting to make changes but not sure what exactly you want to do or how to get started, when you may have serious doubts about whether you can even achieve it, patience and trust are crucial. It’s natural to feel fear and have doubts about your ability to create something new. Let yourself acknowledge that. Call it what it is. By doing that, you disempower those voices and empower the part of you that’s really ready to change, to move on and to succeed. Change doesn’t happen over night, it requires patience. Taking steps towards getting started, something small, every day if you can, is important. If you only look at the big picture of how much there is to do, you will get overwhelmed and will probably stop. So is setting realistic goals and creating a long term vision for yourself. What’s also important is learning to allow patience and trust to support you while you are working towards your goal. Patience breathes into that truth. Patience feels easy and flowing in your body. It allows you to access your creativity and energy. It stops fear. Patience allows us to take the time needed to let your work unfold and come together. Patience is not impatient. As you do so, trust comes along.Trust is knowing that you will be OK, that you can, and deserve, to have what you want. For many people, trust is a belief in a power bigger than yourself that is watching out for you, taking care of you, providing for you. Trust is a tough one for many people. Trust takes time to develop. Each positive experience that you have with trust builds on itself to instill that sense of knowing that you can, in fact, trust. But again, it does take time to get in at that. My point is to challenge the voices of fear and doubt and empower the voices of trust and knowing. They will help you to succeed. Believe and say you can. Be positive because I’ve learned having more patience with things and people, you definitely will have a boost in your faith and trust in the most high and the process of things. The more grateful we are, the more things we are blessed with to be grateful for.sddwd



I just think that if you believe in something and you want it so much and you’re not hurting anyone else, you have to go for it. Which sometimes means taking a risk, even if it’s scary. But the thing you want most to happen doesn’t stand a chance unless you give it one.



So from one of my previous post, I shared how important dreams are. I strongly believe you should always pay keen attention to them because you’re able to learn more of who you are. You get an uncensored feel and view of what more you can do. So today I want to now share an experience with you. I want to give you an example of how my dreams became relevant to my life.

So a lot of people have their own definitions of what signs are, as for me a sign is something that stands for something else to someone in some form respect. It indicates, it signals, it holds information and its evidence. I do believe everything happens for the right reasons and all what we go through just prepares us for exactly what we’re destined to be. There were many times when I was so confused of what my purpose was. I was so eager to know and want, I ran around in circles for awhile and then one day I felt I was being watched from a distance. For a lot people this would be a bit frightening  but for me I felt protected and that’s when a feeling came upon me,I couldn’t explain what it was, I just knew I needed to stop and I knew for certain I will find my way and I will have the proper guidance. And that’s where I was introduced to patience.Until today I’m still trying to figure out myself but because I have patience within me, I’m now able to understand and appreciate what was meant for me. I know it isn’t easy to just go from being restless to being patient but I want too encourage you to just try, it helps you in so many ways and it gives you a peace of mind.

So because of all that from time to time I began seeing double zeros everywhere; if it wasn’t in my dreams with other blurred images, it was where I was. I had feelings of what will happen, more so about the weather and I knew words from ancient times.I never knew about numerology until someone close shared their knowledge with me. It was stated when one sees reoccurring 00, it is a sign that the Universe is guiding you and that you are to pay special attention to signs for guidance that are being shown to you. It was an amazing feeling, so much had lifted off my shoulders and it made so much sense to me; that feeling I couldn’t explain was placed into words. After that day, the digits gave itself a rounded face, it was an owl. Again I never knew about animals having so intense meanings.This was all new to me but I knew it was my time to know. It was said that owls are very scared birds.

The Native Americans say that owls are known for wisdom, foresight and a keeper of sacred knowledge. They also then said that the owl is a great fore teller of “weather” conditions. 

Similarly, West African and Aboriginal Australian cultures, the owl is known as a messenger of secrets, kin to sorcerers, as well as companions to seers, mystics and medicine people.

Also during medieval times in western and central Europe the morals of owls were actually witches and wizards in disguise. To this day the owl is considered an soul-spirit linked to a spiritual person who shares a unique, communicative bond.

This may seen a bit overwhelming but I can’t help but state the obvious. My point is to just learn about your surroundings, know them and connect in any way that you can with it. Remember not everything is what it seems to be; there’s always more within. As for me I’m still learning who I am as the days go by and I continue to accept more of myself and what comes along.


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Music for me is an escape and whether you’re a singer, rapper,musician, beat-boxer or any type of performer you all have so much power to change the world, simply because you change the hearts of so many.Its a universal language of man kind as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said and he couldn’t have said it better.You’re able to awaken our forgotten worlds and make our minds travel. You’re a healer who nourishes the soul and because of this you’re heard by the universe.You have been blessed with a beautiful gift; never forget that. You don’t need to be singed to a record label to know you’re inspiration. Keep up the great work!

Goodnight Thoughts


Before I lay to sleep as my dreams await, let me share this with you. Is it just me or are dreams just fascinating?The amazing part about it, is that rules of reality don’t apply and at the moment you may not know it but you’re really getting an insight of your own self.Some dreams may not make sense to you but it doesn’t mean there’s only one interpretation of it.Think about it! I feel when we have an open mind,you’re able to live a little more. And as we choose to achieve a better understanding of our dreams, we get an uncensored view of our real feelings and a better perspective on life issues.  Let’s unify the body, mind and spirit. Blessed dreams!



Through the worst times in your life you will see the true colors of who say they care for you.It is then up to you to make a decision where you want such people in your lives or to separate yourself and move on and continue to strive. You’ve came that far, why wouldn’t you want to leave that negativity behind? Remember how people treat you is a statement of who they really are as humans, never a statement about you. Smile. Be free. Live .


 In life you will cross paths with someone and form a connection you cannot describe only feel. The intimacy will be so intense, not even purely physical but just the act of connecting so deep, you will feel you can see into their soul. Your life will change in so many ways and you will learn so much more about who you are and what you’re capable of. So I share this with you all and hope you find that someone. He’s my inspiration to my new beginning… 

4                                                                                                                          I believe his love is a constant message. So positive, so pure it feeds my inner soul.

So powerful it clams my storms. A distant goal I was seeking and there he came upon me

and gave me peace from within. Drove me from the seen to the unseen, to the depths

of his soul to his wordless song. My addiction to his love is so divine, a blissful type of love with

no conditions, just sets me free. I love you, never forget me.